About the Denville Police Department

The Denville Police Department is currently staffed by thirty-four full-time sworn law enforcement officers, six part-time special law enforcement officers, and thirteen civilian employees.  The sworn law enforcement officers include the administrative staff (Chief of Police, Captain and two Lieutenants), twenty officers in the Patrol Division, and sixteen officers in the Support Services Division (two sergeants, three detectives, a community services officer, two school resource officers, two traffic officers and six class III special police officers).  The civilian employees include four full-time dispatchers, two part-time dispatchers, the administrative specialist, a part-time parking enforcement officer, a full-time animal control officer, a part-time assistant animal control officer, the Police Chief's administrative assistant and two records clerks.

Table of Org July 2023
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The Police Chief is the executive officer of the police department and has final departmental authority in all matters of policy, operations and discipline.  The Chief also has the administrative responsibility for the protection of all lives and property within Denville Township through the supervision of all police functions.

The Captain provides for the continuity of the operation of the Department in the absence of the Chief of Police.  The Captain also oversees both the Patrol and Support Services Divisions and serves as the Department's Internal Affairs Officer.

The Patrol Division is responsible for the preliminary investigation of all calls for service, traffic enforcement, crash investigation and general community services.  The Patrol Division is divided into four patrol squads that work twelve hour shifts in a Pitman schedule (2 on, 2 off, 3 on, 2 off, 2 on, 3 off) that rotates between day shift and night shift assignments every four weeks.  Each Patrol Squad is also supervised by a Patrol Sergeant.

The Support Services Division is responsible for follow-up investigations, department records, school resources, traffic complaints, animal control and community policing, as well as the maintenance of all departmental equipment.  The Support Services Division is comprised of the Detective Bureau (follow-up investigations), the Administrative Specialist (care and maintenance of equipment), the Community Services Bureau (Community Services, School Resource Officers and School Security Officers) and the Special Services Bureau (Records Bureau, Animal Control, Traffic Safety and Parking Enforcement).

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