Bias Incident Investigations

It is the policy of Denville Township Police Department to safeguard the state and federal rights of all individuals irrespective of their race, color, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, or ethnicity.  Any acts or other crimes designed to infringe upon these rights are viewed very seriously by this agency and will be given high priority.

Bias incident investigations will be conducted in a timely fashion using all appropriate resources to rapidly determine the facts and circumstances surrounding each incident.  Careful attention will be given to identifying the motive and cause of the bias incident and to identifying the suspects.  Referrals to the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office of Victim-Witness Advocacy or to the Division on Civil Rights will be made as appropriate.

Each member of Denville Township Police Department has the responsibility and the obligation to investigate suspected or confirmed bias incidents.  Each member will be sensitive to the feelings, needs and fears that may be present in the victim(s) and the community at large, as a result of a suspected or confirmed bias incident.

The Attorney General’s Bias Incident Investigation Standards is a lengthy, comprehensive document that contains detailed explanations pertaining to such topics as the role of the police executive, the history of law enforcement concerns in bias incidents, and the various functions of other agencies.  The below policy is not intended to replace the Attorney General’s Guidelines as a reference source in dealing with the investigation of bias incidents.  Instead, the policy deals mostly with the proper investigation of bias incidents by members of this agency.

Denville Township Police Department - Bias Incident Investigations Policy & Procedures