School Safety & Security Presentation - 11/26 at 7:30pm in Town Hall

School Security is Everyone’s Business!  In an effort to provide the most information to our parents, students, staff and teachers in the Denville Schools, Chief Christopher Wagner and Denville School’s Superintendent Steve Forte will be discussing School Security Protocols in place between the school and police department.  It is an opportunity for the entire community to understand the level of cooperation between the police and schools and also have a better understanding of some of the reasons for the protocols in place.  For instance, sometimes parents and visitors to the schools are frustrated at needing to state their name over an intercom, every time, prior to being permitted entry into the school.  This somewhat informal presentation may help shed some light on the reasoning and allow for the understanding of this simple policy and many other items we have in place to ensure everyone is safe in all of our school buildings.

Please join us on Monday, November 26th at Town Hall beginning at 7:30 pm to hear Chief Chris Wagner and Superintendent Steve Forte speak on this important topic.
School Safety Meeting