Mandatory Water Restrictions - Updated 08/18

Effective August 1st, the Township of Denville has implemented and will strictly enforce mandatory water restrictions for all residential and commercial properties for outdoor water usage pursuant to Section 565-41 of the General Code of the Township of Denville.  These restrictions shall remain in effect for ninety (90) days unless repealed or extended.

The mandatory water restrictions are necessary to ensure an adequate water supply for water customers and fire protection services while the Township's primary water tank is taken off line for repairs and refurbishment.  According to the contractor, the water tank refurbishment process will last approximately sixty (60) to ninety (90) days during which time the water tank, which normally holds a maximum of 1.25 million gallons of water, will be emptied.

The provisions of the water restrictions are as follows:

1. Persons or businesses having even numbered street addresses shall be permitted outside water use with a handheld watering device on even numbered calendar days and those having odd numbered street addresses on odd numbered calendar days.  This includes the use of a handheld watering device (garden hose, watering can, etc.) to water lawns, shrubs, ornamental plants, sod, etc.  The use of automatic sprinkler systems or any other water delivering device that is not handheld is strictly prohibited at all times while these restrictions remain in effect.

2. Commercial businesses conducting work at a residential address are fully expected to comply with the odd/even water restrictions based on the house number of where the work is being performed.

3. Businesses that rely and survive on outdoor water use, whose business address is separate from a residential address, such as car washes, nurseries, power washing companies, etc., will be exempt from the odd/even water restrictions.  Odd/even water restrictions will remain in effect for offices and commercial buildings as it pertains to lawn watering, window washing, power washing, etc., for any non-essential work.

4. Multi-family dwellings, including apartment style housing, that have both odd and even numbered addresses will restrict outside water use to odd numbered days only. 

5. The restrictions shall apply to the entire Township, excluding properties served by a private well.

All residents and business are urged to voluntarily observe and implement indoor water conservation measures as well.

Your continued patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated.  However, we must note that anyone found to be violating the outdoor water usage restrictions will be subject to a summons and any associated fine and penalties.  These restrictions will remain in effect for ninety (90) days or until otherwise altered, repealed or extended.